Optical Mini Disk Resonator Integrated into a Compact Optoelectronic Oscillator
P. Salzenstein, H. Tavernier, K. Volyanskiy, N.N.T. Kim, L. Larger and E. Rubiola
Femto St Institute, CNRS UMR 6174, 32 avenue de l'Observatoire, F25044 Besançon, France
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This work consists in the design, fabrication and characterization of mini disk MgF2 resonators for integration into optoelectronic oscillator and first experimental results of implementation in microwave free spectral range oscillator with taper coupling optoelectronic oscillator.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.116.661
PACS numbers: 06.30.Ft, 43.50.Yw, 87.64.M-, 87.57.cm