Optical Fiber Sensors for Point Investigation οf Cancer Tissues
E. Beres Pawlika, K. Gasiorek a, Z. Kulas a, M. Rzaca b and R. Czarnecki b
a Institute of Telecommunications, Teleinformatics and Acoustics, Wrocław University of Technology, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27, 50-370 Wrocław, Poland
b Provincial Specialist Hospital, Kamińskiego 73a, 51-124 Wrocław, Poland
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The paper presents optical fiber sensors for point investigation of cancer tissues. The construction of several sensors has been described, including selection of proper optical fiber as well as the construction of measuring head. Being part of medical endoscopes, presented sensors can be applied to investigate autofluorescence spectra in various tissue areas. The level of autofluorescence intensity indicates the stage of disease advancement. The paper presents the results of investigating autofluorescence spectra for different cancer tissues. Various areas of cancer tissues have been investigated in order to determine the level of disease advancement. In the paper new constructions of fluorescent fiber sensors are presented. The sensors were used to investigate human and animal normal and tumor tissues. The fiber sensors, possible to use in videoendoscopy, are very small. The comparative analysis of fluorescent spectra of normal and tumor tissues is presented.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.116.254
PACS numbers: 47.63.Cb, 87.19.U-, 87.19.Hr