The Design and the First Test Results of a Fast LTD Stage
L. Chen, L. Zhou, W. Zou, J. Ren, Y. Li, S. Wu, W. Xie, S. Feng and J. Deng
Institute of Fluid Physics, CAEP, China
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Linear transformer driver stages are designed to be used as a primary energy storage in high power pulsed generators. In this report, the design and test results of the linear transformer driver stage prototype that delivers ≈100 kA fast pulse with 133 ns FWHM into a ≈0.87 Ω resistive load are described. This stage consists of 20 (100 kV, 20 nF) storage capacitors that are arranged in 10 identical bricks located evenly around the axis of the stage. Each brick contains two capacitors, a multi gap switch, and the output connector that transfers the energy to the resistive load. The outer diameter of the stage is ≈1.5 m, at a length of ≈20 cm. The stage is developed to demonstrate the possibility of the fast linear transformer driver technology to create high power pulsed generators.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.115.1186
PACS numbers: 84.70.+p, 52.75.Kq, 84.60.Ve