"Indoor" Protection of Electronic Systems by Means of High-Pass Negative Feedback
A. Tamaševičiusa, G. Mykolaitisa,b, S. Bumelienėa and E. Tamaševičiūtėa,c
a Plasma Phenomena and Chaos Laboratory, Semiconductor Physics Institute, A. Goštauto 11, Vilnius 01108, Lithuania,
b Department of Physics, Faculty of Fundamental Sciences, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Saulėtekio 11, Vilnius 10223, Lithuania,
c Department of Radiophysics, Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University, Saulėtekio 9, Vilnius 10222, Lithuania
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An extremely simple first order RC high pass filter is suggested to suppress harmful radio frequency oscillations, induced by high power electromagnetic pulses. Specifically, a broadband single stage transistor amplifier with a parasitic wiring inductance and also the parasitic junction and mounting capacitances are investigated both numerically and experimentally in the very high and ultrahigh frequency bands.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.115.1164
PACS numbers: 84.40.Dc, 84.30.Vn, 89.20.Dd