Development of 60 kV, 300 A, 3 kHz Pulsed Power Modulator for Wide Applications
H.J. Ryooa, S.R. Jangb, G. Gousseva and G.H. Rima
a KERI, Changwon, Korea,
b University of Science & Technology, Daejeon, Korea
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In this paper, a novel pulsed power generator based on IGBT stacks is proposed for wide pulsed power applications. Because it can generate high voltage pulsed output without any step-up transformer or pulse forming network, it has advantages of fast rising time, easiness of pulse width variation, high repetition rate and rectangular pulse shapes. Proposed scheme consists of multiple power stages which were charged parallel from series resonant power inverter. Depending on the number of power stages it can increase maximum voltage up to 60 kV or higher with no limits of power stages. To reduce component for gate power supply, a simple and robust gate drive circuit which delivers gate power and gate signal simultaneously by way of one high voltage cable is proposed. For gating signal and power a full bridge inverter and pulse transformer generates on off signals of IGBT gating with gate power simultaneously and it has very good characteristics of protection of IGBT switches over arcing condition. It can be used for various kinds of pulse power application such as plasma source ion implantation, sterilization, water and gas treatment which requires few kHz pulse repetition rate with few to ten of microseconds pulse width.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.115.967
PACS numbers: 84.30.Jc, 84.30.Ng, 84.30.Sk