Comparison of Electroporation Threshold for Different Cell Lines in vitro
G. Saulis and R. Saulė
Vytautas Magnus University, 58 K. Donelaičio str., Kaunas, Lithuania
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The electroporation threshold was compared at various electric pulse durations for three cell lines: two non tumor cell lines (human erythrocytes and Chinese hamster ovary cells) and one tumor cell line (rat glioma C6 cells). First, the dependences of the fraction of electroporated cells on the pulse intensity were obtained for the cells exposed to single square wave electric pulses with the durations of 0.02-2 ms. Then, the average cell radii were measured for each cell line and the transmembrane potential induced by the external electric field was calculated. The obtained values of the transmembrane potential were in the range of 480-930 mV and decreased with increasing pulse duration. The obtained dependences of the transmembrane potential required to electroporate 50% of cells on the pulse duration were close to each other for all cell lines studied.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.115.1056
PACS numbers: 87.50.cj, 87.80.Fe,