SN series Pseudospark Switches, Operating Completely without Permanent Heating. New Prospects of Application in Pulsed Power
V.D. Bochkov, D.V. Bochkov, V.M. Dyagilev and V.G. Ushich
Pulsed Technologies Ltd., Yablochkova 5, Ryazan, Russia
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Since 1990s the process of exclusion of gas discharge and vacuum switches (GDSs and VSs) from pulsed power systems has been conditioned by two major factors - insufficient service time and necessity to supply filament circuits of GDSs and VSs. In the report, design and long term test results of pseudospark switches (PSSs) are presented. The PSSs are to a great extent free of the mentioned shortcomings; In particular, the switches are capable of operating without filament, providing a wide variety of perspective applications of the tubes in pulsed power.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.115.980
PACS numbers: 52.75.-d, 52.77.Fv, 84.32.Dd, 52.75.Kq