Mushy Layer Formation during Solidification οf Binary Alloys from a Cooled Wall: the Role of Boundary Conditions
I.V. Alexandrova, D.V. Alexandrov, D.L. Aseev and S.V. Bulitcheva
Department of Mathematical Physics, Urals State University, Ekaterinburg 620083, Russian Federation
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Motivated by metallurgical and geophysical applications we present a mathematical model describing the process of unidirectional solidification of binary melts or solutions, which is based on the classical Stefan thermodiffusion theory with a planar front up to a time of mushy layer initiation and on the quasi-equilibrium theory of solidification with a constitutionally supercooled region afterwards. The role of boundary conditions imposed at the cooled wall is studied in terms of heat flux coefficients describing ultimately nonlinear dynamics of the process.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.115.791
PACS numbers: 44.05.+e, 81.30.Fb