Influence of Physical Characteristics οf Flat Aluminum Concentrators on Energy Efficiency of PV/Thermal Collector
Lj. Kostic, T. Pavlovic and Z. Pavlovic
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Physics Department, University of Nis, P.O. Box 224, 18 000 Nis, Serbia
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In this paper the results of the influence of physical characteristics of flat plate solar radiation concentrators made of Al sheet and Al foil on energy efficiency of PV/thermal collector are presented. The measurements results obtained by means of scanning electron microscope, reflectance and chemical composition of solar radiation concentrators are given. Optimal position of solar radiation concentrators and appropriate thermal and electrical energy of PV/thermal collector were determined. Total generated thermal and electrical energy during the day by PV/thermal collector with concentrators in optimal position are higher than the total generated thermal and electrical energy obtained by PV/thermal collector without concentrators.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.115.827
PACS numbers: 42.79.Ek, 84.60.Jt