Radiative Lifetimes of Rydberg States in Neutral Gallium
M. Yildiz, G. Çelık and H.Ş. Kiliç
Department of Physics, Faculty of Arts and Science, Selçuk University, Campus 42250 Konya, Turkey
Received: March 7, 2008; Revised version: December 2, 2008;
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Radiative lifetimes were calculated using weakest bound electron potential model theory for 4s2 ns 2S1/2 (n ≥ 7), 4s2 np 2P01/2 (n ≥ 5), 4s2 np 2P03/2 (n ≥ 6), 4s2 nd 2D03/2 (n ≥ 6), 4s2 nd 2D 05/2 (n ≥ 6) series in neutral gallium. The use of the quantum defect theory and Martin's expressions allowed us to supply lifetime values along by means of the series above. The results obtained in this work presented good agreement with theoretical and experimental values. Moreover, some lifetime values not existing in the literature for highly excited Rydberg states in gallium atom were obtained using this method.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.115.641
PACS numbers: 32.70.Cs