Mössbauer Spectroscopy, X-Ray Diffraction and SEM Studies on Multiferroic Bi5Ti3FeO15 Ceramics
J. Rymarczyk a, A. Hanc b, G. Dercz b and J. Ilczuk a a Department of Material Science, University of Silesia, Żeromskiego 3, 41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland b Institute of Material Science, University of Silesia, Bankowa 12, 40-007 Katowice, Poland
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Received: 08 06 2008
Magnetoelectric multiferroics are materials which exhibit both magnetic order and ferroelectricity in the same phase. Multiferroic materials, where ferroelectricity and magnetism coexist, were extensively studied. This class of materials offers a large application potential for new devices due to the two coupled degrees of freedom based on the local off-centered distortion and the electron spin. The studied Bi5Ti3FeO15 ceramics was prepared by conventional synthesis and hot uniaxial pressing reaction applying the conventional mixture of TiO2, Fe2O3 and Bi2O3 oxides as precursor materials. The present work focuses on the structure analysis of multiferroic Bi5Ti3FeO15 ceramics performed by X-ray diffraction method, scanning electron microscopy and the Mössbauer spectroscopy methods.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.114.1579
PACS numbers: 61.05.Qr, 81.05.Je, 68.37.Hk, 61.05.cp, 77.84.-s