Influence of Electric Field and Carrier Localization on Carrier Dynamics in AlGaN Quantum Wells
J. Mickevič}ius a, G. Tamulaitis a, E. Kuokštis a, M.S. Shur b, J. Yang c and R. Gaska c
a Institute of Materials Science and Applied Research, Vilnius University, Saulėtekio al. 9-III, LT-10222, Vilnius, Lithuania
b Department of ECE and CIE, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180, USA
c Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc., 1195 Atlas Road, Columbia, SC 29209, USA
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Received: 7 06 2008;
Dynamics of nonequilibrium carriers in high-Al-content AlGaN/AlGaN multiple quantum wells was studied. A set of multiple quantum wells with well widths varying from 1.65 to 5.0 nm was grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. The structures were investigated by photoluminescence spectroscopy under quasi-steady-state conditions. The observed blueshift of the photoluminescence band peak was attributed to the screening of the built-in electric field. The integrated photoluminescence intensity dependence on excitation and temperature showed a strong influence of carrier localization.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.114.1247
PACS numbers: 78.55.Cr, 78.67.De