Effect of Gravitation on Water Migration in Granular Media
J.J. Milczarek, I. Fijał-Kirejczyk, J. Żołądek, M. Chojnowski and G. Kowalczyk
Institute of Atomic Energy, Świerk, 05-400 Otwock, Poland
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Received: 3 06 2007;
The results of the experiments on water migration in unsaturated granular media performed with dynamic neutron radiography technique are presented. It was found that the porosity of the medium did not determine the kinetics of the process in a marked way. The influence of gravity was found to be considerable for media like coarse sand and gravel, consisting of large grains. No effect of gravitation on the water migration in clay beds was observed. The results are discussed in terms of the classical Washburn-Bosanquet theory of adhesion driven motion of the liquid in a straight circular capillary under gravity. It was found that this theory provides only qualitative description of the water migration within granular media, and the viscous dissipation effects are greatly underestimated.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.113.1245
PACS numbers: 47.56.+r, 68.08.De, 81.70.-q