Growth and Investigation, of Heterostructures Based, on Multiferroic BiFeO3
B. Vengalis a, J. Devenson a, A.K. Oginskis a, R. Butkutė a, A. Maneikis a, A. Steikūnienė a, L. Dapkus a, J. Banys b and M. Kinka b
a Semiconductor Physics Institute, A. Goštauto 11, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania
b Vilnius University, Physics Department, Saulėtekio al. 9, LT-10222 Vilnius, Lithuania
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Received: 26 08 2007;
We report heteroepitaxial growth of multiferroic BiFeO3 thin films by RF magnetron sputtering on lattice-matched SrTiO3 substrates, as well as preparation and electrical properties of the heterostructures formed by growing BiFeO3 thin films on highly conductive LaNiO3 films and n-Si substrates. Nonlinear and rectifying current-voltage (I-U) characteristics were revealed for the heterojunctions in a wide temperature range (T=78-300 K).
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.113.1095
PACS numbers: 71.30.+h, 73.43.Qt, 75.47.Lx