Study of p-Fe3O4/n-(GaAs, Si) Heterostructures: Fabrication, and Physical Properties
V. Lisauskas a, R. Butkutė a, B. Vengalis a, K. Šliužienė a, b, S. Tamulevicius b and M. Andrulevicius b
a Semiconductor Physics Institute, Goštauto 11, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania
b Institute of Physical Electronics of Kaunas University of Technology, Savanoriu 271, Kaunas, Lithuania
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Received: 26 08 2007;
We report preparation and investigation of p -n heterostructures based on Fe3O4 thin films grown on semiconductor Si and GaAs substrates. Fe3O4 films with thickness ranging from 60 to 300 nm were grown at 350 ÷ 450°C using dc magnetron sputtering technique. The measurement of X-ray diffraction and reflection high energy electron diffraction revealed polycrystalline microstructure of thin Fe3O4 films deposited on both Si and GaAs substrate. Investigation of surface composition by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy showed that Fe 2p peak consists of three main peaks, namely, metallic iron Fe(0), Fe(II), and Fe(III). Transport measurements of Fe3O4/n-(Si, GaAs) heterostructures demonstrated nonlinear current-voltage (I -V) dependences in the temperature range from 300 K to 78 K.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.113.1055
PACS numbers: 73.40.-c, 73.40.Gk, 81.15.Cd