External Noise Effects on the Electron Velocity Fluctuations in Semiconductors
D. Persano Adorno a, N. Pizzolato a, b and B. Spagnolo a, b
a Dipartimento di Fisica e Tecnologie Relative and CNISM
b Group of Interdisciplinary Physics, Viale delle Scienze, Ed. 18, 90128 Palermo, Italy
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Received: 26 08 2007;
We investigate the modification of the intrinsic carrier noise spectral density induced in low-doped semiconductor materials by an external correlated noise source added to the driving high-frequency periodic electric field. A Monte Carlo approach is adopted to numerically solve the transport equation by considering all the possible scattering phenomena of the hot electrons in the medium. We show that the noise spectra are strongly affected by the intensity and the correlation time of the external random electric field. Moreover, this random field can cause a suppression of the total noise power.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.113.985
PACS numbers: 72.70.+m, 05.40.Ca, 05.40.-a