Mode-Locked Dual-Wavelength Heterolasers for Terahertz Generation, via Intracavity Wave Mixing
A.A. Belyanin a, V.V. Kocharovsky a, b, Vl.V. Kocharovsky b, V.A. Kukushkin b, A.V. Andrianov b, V.Ya. Aleshkin c and A.A. Dubinov c
a Physics Department, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843, USA
b Institute of Applied Physics of RAS, 46 Ulyanov st., 603950 N. Novgorod, Russia
c Institute for Physics of Microstructures of RAS, GSP-105, 603950 N. Novgorod, Russia
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Received: 26 08 2007;
It is shown that the mid/far-infrared (IR) and THz pulse generation via intracavity difference-frequency mixing in quantum-well dual-wavelength heterolasers can be rather efficient under mode-locking regime for one or both lasing fields even at room temperature. In a simple model we derive an explicit formula for intensity of the generated IR or THz pulse and find that this method is capable of producing picosecond pulses at ≈1 GHz repetition rate with the peak power of the order of 1 W and ≤ 0.2 mW at 10 μm and 50 μm wavelengths, respectively.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.113.869
PACS numbers: 42.55.Px, 42.65.Ky