Transmission Spectra of Thue-Morse Multilayers Containing Negative Index Metamaterials
M. Maksimovic a and Z. Jaksic b
a MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente, The Netherlands
b Institute of Microelectronic Technologies and Single Crystals, University of Belgrade, Serbia
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Received: 3 09 2007;
We study the optical transmission spectra in one-dimensional aperiodic Thue-Morse multilayers composed from alternating layers of media with positive and negative refractive index. We examine the influence of phase compensation on the spectral transmission for both on-axis and off-axis wave propagation. The origin of the transmission resonances and their relation with the field localization are analyzed. Nondispersive and lossless, as well as realistic dispersive and weakly lossy materials are considered.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.112.1049
PACS numbers: 42.70.Qs, 71.36.+c, 71.55.Jv, 78.20.Ci