Phonon Dispersion in Amorphous Ni-Alloys
A.M. Vora
Parmeshwari 165, Vijaynagar Area, Hospital Road, Bhuj-Kutch, 370 001, Gujarat, India
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Received: 06 02 2007; Revised version: 10 04 2007;
The well-known model potential is used to investigate the longitudinal and transverse phonon dispersion curves for six Ni-based binary amorphous alloys, viz. Ni31Dy69, Ni33Y67, Ni36Zr64, Ni50Zr50, Ni60 Nb40, and Ni81B19. The thermodynamic and elastic properties are also computed from the elastic limits of the phonon dispersion curves. The theoretical approach given by Hubbard-Beeby is used in the present study to compute the phonon dispersion curves. Five local field correction functions proposed by Hartree, Taylor, Ichimaru-Utsumi, Farid et al. and Sarkar et al. are employed to see the effect of exchange and correlation in the aforesaid properties.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.111.859
PACS numbers: 63.50.+x, 65.60.+a