Dispersion and Absorption of Longitudinal Electro-Kinetic Waves in Magnetized Ion-Implanted Semiconductor Plasmas
S. Ghosh and Preeti Thakur
School of Studies in Physics, Vikram University, Ujjain-456 010 (M.P.), India
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Received: 06 02 2006;
The instability of longitudinal electro-kinetic wave that is propagating across the magnetic field B0 in ion-implanted group-IV semiconductor sample consisting of non-drifting electrons, holes, and negatively charged colloids is investigated. Using hydrodynamic approach, a compact dispersion relation D(ω,k) is derived for the same. The propagation and amplification characteristics of the wave in collision dominated regime are studied numerically in detail for slow and fast modes. Results show that the presence of transverse magnetic field is responsible for the modification of the existing wave spectra of the slow electro-kinetic branch. In case of fast electro-kinetic wave, the presence of magnetic field is found responsible for excitation and amplification of a new mode. It is also found that the magnetic field is responsible for the conversion of two existing aperiodic modes into periodic ones. These novel periodic modes are found to be counter-propagating in nature.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.111.247
PACS numbers: 52.35.Fp, 61.72.Ww, 82.70.Dd