The Influence of Filtration of Atrasine on the Spectrum of Positron Lifetimes in Immobilized Liquid Filtration Membranes
R. Pietrzak, E. Maksymiuk
Institute of Physics, Opole University, Oleska 48, 45-052 Opole, Poland
and A. Kajdas
M. Skłodowska-Curie Institute - Centre of Oncology, Wybrzeże Armii Krajowej 15, 44-101 Gliwice, Poland
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Received: 5 06 2006;
The spectra of positron lifetimes were investigated in elements which were later used to form an immobilized liquid membrane and also in the immobilized liquid membrane, after different times of atrasine filtration. Next, the spectra of positron lifetimes were separated out into three components. The values of the components of the positron lifetimes spectrum indicated the formation of the Ps-atom both in the elements composing the membrane and in the very membrane itself. An influence of the filtration time of atrasine on the values of all components of positron lifetimes spectrum was found. On the basis of Eldrup-Tao model, changes in the sizes of spherical free spaces in the membrane and relative free volume in which ortho-Ps annihilated were determined.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.110.649
PACS numbers: 78.70.Bj, 46.70.Hg