Electron-Hole Distribution and Exciton Condensed Phase Formation in Semiconductor Quantum Wells
A.A. Chernyuk and V.I. Sugakov
Institute for Nuclear Research, NAS of Ukraine, 47, Nauki Ave., Kyiv 03680, Ukraine
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Received: 17 06 2006;
We study the development of ring luminescence of indirect excitons at macroscopical distances from the central excitation spot in quantum well structures. The Landau model for exciton condensation generalized for particles with finite lifetimes in conditions of inhomogeneous excitation is proposed. The transition between the fragmented and continuous rings and the temperature dependence of the effects are considered. The irradiation of the system by two spatially separated laser spots is simulated as well.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.110.169
PACS numbers: 71.35.Lk, 73.21.Fg