Study on Pyroelectric Properties of the TGS-TGSe Crystals with Internal Electric Field
J. Dziedzic and J. Mróz
Institute of Physics, Technical University of Wrocław, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27, 50-370 Wrocław, Poland
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Received: 22 11 2004; revised version: 20 06 2005;
Measurements of spontaneous polarization and pyroelectric coefficient versus temperature and electric field were performed for the TGS-TGSe crystals at a definite internal electric field. The obtained results are compared with the thermodynamic theory predictions. The temperature and electric field dependencies of pyroelectric coefficient are presented together with its maximal value as a function of the electric field intensity. It was shown that the temperature, at which the pyroelectric coefficient reaches its maximal value, depends on the external electric field.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.108.971
PACS numbers: 64.70.Kb