Modified Positron Annihilation Model for Glassy-Like As2Se3
A. Kozdrasa, O. Shpotyukb,c, A. Kovalskiyb and J. Filipeckic
aPhysics Laboratory, Opole Technical University, Ozimska 75, 45-370 Opole, Poland
bInstitute of Materials, Scientific Research Company "Carat", Stryjska 202, 79031 Lviv, Ukraine
cInstitute of Physics, Jan Dlugosz University, Al. Armii Krajowej 13/15, 42-201 Częstochowa, Poland
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Received: 20 09 2004;
An approach to structural characterization of chalcogenide glasses based on the study of void distribution is discussed. The results of positron annihilation lifetime spectra measurements for glassy-like g-As2Se3 are compared with nano-void distribution data obtained from Monte Carlo simulation. In this consideration perspectives to involve the parameters of nano-voids calculated from the first sharp diffraction peak in the framework of known Elliott's model are analyzed.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.107.832
PACS numbers:61.80.Ed, 61.82.Ms, 78.70.Bj