The Nonlinear Diffusion Equation Describing Spread of Impurities of High Density
A.J. Janavicius, G. Luza and D. Jurgaitis
Department of Physics and Mathematics, Siauliai University, Visinskio 25, Siauliai, 5400, Lithuania
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Received: May 6, 2004
The nonlinear diffusion equation is derived by taking into account the local variations in the solvent density, within a mechanism of diffusion driven by random particle collisions. Analytical solutions for the case of spherical-symmetric nonlinear diffusion equation for spread of impurities in gas and solids are obtained and discussed. In this case, the solutions of the nonlinear diffusion equation are similar to solutions of Bernoulli equation. We note that the obtained solutions can be used to describe the shapes of impurity gas of high concentration or smoke clouds.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.105.475
PACS numbers: 66.30.--h