Dynamics of the Molecules in Solid Phases of Few Chosen Schiff Bases Compounds
A. B±k a and M. Massalska-Arod¼ b
a Chair of Physics, Technical University of Rzeszów Pola 2, 39-959 Rzeszów, Poland
b Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics Radzikowskiego 152, 31-342 Kraków, Poland
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Received: April 19, 2004
The dielectric relaxation processes observed in solid phases of MBBA, OH-MBBA, and EBBA belonging to the homologous series of the Schiff bases are discussed. The data are compared with the results completed by the present authors for EBPA compound. The uniform interpretation of the temperature changes of relaxation for all mentioned compounds is proposed.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.105.467
PACS numbers: 64.70.Md, 77.22.Gm