Surface Electronic Properties of Fe Nanoparticles on c(2x2)-N/Cu(001)
M. Getzlaff a , M. Bode b and R. Wiesendanger b
a Institute of Applied Physics, University of Düsseldorf Universitätsstr. 1, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany
b Institute of Applied Physics and Microstructure Research Center University of Hamburg, Jungiusstrasse 11, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
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We prepared nanoscaled particles consisting of ferromagnetic material on a nanostructured template. This nanolithographic procedure allows to fabricate high-density magnetic nanodots in a highly ordered way. For this purpose, Fe particles were grown on the c(2x2)-N/Cu(001) surface which exhibits a checkerboard-like structure. Scanning tunneling spectroscopic measurements demonstrate that the electronic properties of the areas with deposited material are identical to clean copper. Fe nanoparticles on the reconstructed patches show a significantly different electronic behavior. These observations directly hint to a covering of iron with copper on the clean surface.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.104.327
PACS numbers: 68.37.Ef, 68.55.Ac, 68.65.--k, 73.22.Dj, 81.15.Kk