The Angström (B 1 Σ + -> A 1 Π) Band System of 13 C 16 O: New Observations and Analyses
R. Kêpa, U. Domin and K. Porada
Institute of Physics, University of Rzeszów Rejtana 16A, 35-310 Rzeszów, Poland
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Received: March 11, 2003
The emission spectrum of the Angström system (B 1 Σ + -> A 1 Π) of 13 C 16 O was recorded and analysed by classical photographical spectroscopy. Under high resolution and with a precision estimated to be 0.010--0.020 cm -1 the bands 1--2, 1--7, and 0--6 were recorded for the first time and the 0--1, 0--2, 1--1, and 1--5 bands were rephotographed and reexaminated. After the rotational analysis of the bands the following constants were calculated: (1) the rotational constants B v , D v for the B 1 Σ + and A 1 Π states; (2) the equilibrium constants B e , α e , D e , and β e for the B 1 Σ + state; (3)&npbsp;the ν 0 band origins. A combined analysis of the currently observed Angström bands and the previously observed Herzberg (C 1 Σ + -> A 1 Π) and the (E 1 Π -> A 1 Π) bands made it possible to perform a precise relative characteristic of the B 1 Σ + (v=0 and 1), C 1 Σ + (v=0) and E 1 Π(v=0) Rydberg levels in 13 C 16 O. Numerous rotational perturbations observed in the A 1 Π state were confronted with the perturbations predicted from the theoretical calculations.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.103.441
PACS numbers: 33.20.Kf