P. Kossacki
Institute of Experimental Physics, Warsaw University, Hoża 69, 00-681 Warszawa, Poland
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A brief review is given of optical experiments related to creation and recombination of charged excitons. Their results are analyzed in terms of a simple three-particle free trion model. It is shown that the simple model explains well such results as temperature variation of lifetime and absorption intensity or photoluminescence line shape and a decrease in absorption oscillator strength per carrier with increasing carrier concentration. The range of applicability of the simple model is examined and found to be limited by two factors: disorder-induced localization and many-body interactions occurring and high carrier sheet concentrations (of order of 1011cm-2).
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.100.237
PACS numbers: 73.20.Mf, 78.40.Fy, 78.55.Et, 78.47.+p, 78.67.De